Ajax Driven Dropdown Lists for ProcessWire made easy

Setting Up Dynamic Selects

Prepping up for some powerful relational data interface

  1. Setting Up Introduction
  2. Some must reads before you get started.
  3. Dynamic Selects Settings: Front- and Backend
  4. Build your first dynamic dropdown.
  5. First Column Data Source
  6. Set the ball rolling...
  7. First Column Selector
  8. Getting data for the first dropdown.
  9. First Column Custom PHP Code
  10. Fine-tuning fetching data for the first dropdown
  11. Include/Exclude: Templates, Pages, Fields
  12. Hiding some fields from being selectable.
  13. Hide Empty Selects
  14. Hiding non-populated Dynamic Selects columns.
  15. Dynamic Selects Columns Settings: An Introduction
  16. Powerful data-mapping at your fingertips.
  17. Column Settings: Name
  18. Naming your columns, the right way.
  19. Column Settings: Label
  20. User-friendly dropdown headings.
  21. Column Settings: Trigger
  22. Initiating the cascade.
  23. Column Settings: Relationship
  24. Defining the dynamism.
  25. Column Settings: Data Source
  26. What do you want to see? Value outputs.
  27. Column Database Operations
  28. CRUD operations behind the scenes.
  29. Sorting Columns
  30. Managing the order of your dropdowns.
  31. Invalid Data Relationships and Triggers
  32. In this topic we look at pitfalls to watch out for when setting up chained selects.
  33. Dynamic Selects Title
  34. Give it an identity.
  35. Publish Dynamic Selects
  36. Making it visible in the frontend.
  37. Lock Dynamic Selects
  38. Lock-down. Prevent edits and deletions of your Dynamic Selects.
  39. View-Acces in Frontend
  40. Which users can view this select in the frontend?
  41. View-Access: Action if user has no Access
  42. What to do when user attempts to view a select and has no access?
  43. Cache Ajax Reponses
  44. Keeping it smooth and fast. Caching data.
  45. Cache Time
  46. How long before a refresh?