Ajax Driven Dropdown Lists for ProcessWire made easy

Using Fieldtype- and InputfieldDynamicSelects (Backend)

Make your data sing and dance

  1. Creating and Setting Up Backend Dynamic Selects
  2. Basics of developing backend chained selects.
  3. FieldtypeDynamicSelects API
  4. Learn how to output saved Dynamic Selects content in the frontend.
  5. Backend Example 1: Countries, Cities, Attractions
  6. A real-world example of using Dynamic Selects in the frontend.
  7. Backend Example 2: Teachers, Contacts, Subjects
  8. Rooms, Teachers and Subjects: How to build a simple education-related Dynamic Selects for backend use.
  9. Searching/Querying Dynamic Selects Fields
  10. Leveraging the ProcessWire API to find Dynamic Selects data.