Ajax Driven Dropdown Lists for ProcessWire made easy

Cache Ajax Reponses

Check this to enable caching of returned selects' results. Caches will be created both server-side (remote) and client-side (local). This enables faster rendering of results and less server-load due to reduced ajax requests. Please note that data for the first column are never cached locally. This is so that the module can check server-side if the first (and very important) select has had its data renewed server-side.

Please note that if you edit a frontend Dynamic Selects in any way (i.e. in ProcessDynamicSelects), its cache will be cleared. Rebuilding of the cache will commence when a page where the Dynamic Selects is rendered is visited (i.e. by a web visitor in the frontend). If you Dynamic Selects was renamed, the old cache will be replaced by a new one. Similarly, if you trash or delete a Dynamic Selects, its corresponding cache will also be deleted. This ensures there are no orphaned caches in your system.