Ajax Driven Dropdown Lists for ProcessWire made easy

Setting Up Introduction

Please read all the topics in this section thoroughly before attempting to use this module. Please note that some of the settings only apply to frontend use of the module. This is clearly noted in the respective settings documentation.

In addition, once you begin to set up the module for first use, please read the notes under each setting's input.

Frontend Use

If you will be using this module in the frontend, especially if anyone (i.e. guests in ProcessWire) will be able to view the Dynamic Selects, please read and understand the section about securing Dynamic Selects when used in the frontend.

Backend Use

The dynamism of this module is not only in respect of the dropdowns themselves. For backend use, It is also about the dynamic/automated nature in which it creates columns in the database table of the field to hold data. This means that when setting up a Dynamic Selects field, it makes changes to its database schema. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you conduct some test runs on how to use a Dynamic Selects field before you use it in production.