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Dynamic Selects Settings: Front- and Backend

Dynamic Selects settings for front- and backend use are very similar. There are a few exceptions though that only apply to frontend use, for instance, caching. These are explained in subsequent sections.


  1. In addition to the documentation in the coming sections, it is also important that you read the notes that accompany each setting, visible when editing the settings.
  2. It is strongly recommended that you conduct some test runs on how to use this module before you use it in production. For frontend use, this is important from a security point of view. For the backend, this is important since setting up a Dynamic Selects field requires changes to the database schema for the field. Please have a look at the topic on debugging.
  3. In ProcessDynamicSelects the settings are spread over two tabs: 'Build' and 'Settings'. In FieldtypeDynamicSelects, these are to be found in the 'Details' tab.
  4. When editing a Dynamic Selects, if you attempt to save it and there are invalid relationships and triggers , new settings will not be saved and you will lose any changes you were attempting to make. This is important to note especially in cases where your Dynamic Selects will consist of many columns. Please check that your settings are correct before saving.

Let's now take a look at the Dynamic Selects settings. We start with the data source for the first column.