Ajax Driven Dropdown Lists for ProcessWire made easy

Dynamic Selects: Frontend Setup

For frontend use, Dynamic Selects are built and defined in ProcessDynamicSelects. Click on DynamicSelects in your Admin menu to start building selects. The process is pretty straightforward. You add 1 or more selects then define settings for each.

To bulk edit your selects (e.g. lock them for editing, publish, trash or delete them), click on their respective selection checkboxes. Then in the Actions pane below them, choose an action and click Apply. Please see this section for more information.

To edit a single Dynamic Selects, click on its title. That will open it in its own editing screen. The process of defining settings for Dynamic Selects is the same whether used in the front- or backend. See the settings main topic for the common instructions.

Comprehensive instructions on developing, editing and using Dynamic Selects in the frontend are here.