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Uninstalling Dynamic Selects

The Dynamic Selects modules can be uninstalled like any other ProcessWire field.

  1. First, all fields of type DynamicSelects have to be removed from any template they are attached to.
  2. Secondly, all fields of type DynamicSelects have to be deleted.
  3. Finally, uninstall ProcessDynamicSelects via the ProcessWire modules page on your site. This will also auto-uninstall MarkupDynamicSelects, FieldtypeDynamicSelects and InputfieldDynamicSelects, as well as delete the Dynamic Selects template, field and permission created during install. If you created any of the 4 custom permissions, you will have to delete those yourself.

Please note that any frontend Dynamic Selects you may have created will also be deleted when you uninstall the module.